Interactive Communication Centre

communication platform

Interactive Communication Centre system is a modern IT platform that provides contact between organization service and the customer.

It offers uniform and integrated access to the company's services, regardless of the channel and form of communication. ICC is a secure system due to the use of leading security technologies requiring full access authorization. Carefully designed architecture allows easy scaling and rebuilding of the system, and possible component failures do not affect the continuity of service. Our software is successfully used in many organizations. Our team of analysts will prepare an individual offer tailored to the needs of your company.

ICC platform is a solution that works without interruptions in the availability of services.

System performance allows you to handle 5,000 concurrent sessions per second.

Implementation with the help of a team of Softax specialists can take place in the cloud or using traditional methods.
We offer support and a 24/7/365 stability guarantee.
We guarantee tailoring the product to your needs and technical infrastructure.

ICC - guarantee
of correct synchronization

Web application

Internet, tablet, smartphone

Mobile applications

Android, iOS


Automatic service (IVR) and for Call Center operators

Branch application

Branch Customer Service and Back office processes

ATMs and POS devices

Full technological support (using Softax IPS)


Generating and sending SMS, email and push notifications on mobile devices


Support for P2P conversations and between clients and employees

Business to Business

API versatility: Web Services, REST, XML / JSON over TCP / IP

Other access channels

RSS notifications, integration with social networking websites, e.g. Facebook

Flexible application
with no restrictions

In ICC architecture, it is possible to build a variety of applications that allow customer access to all services of the company. The platform we created is an open solution that can be freely adapted to the needs and owned technical infrastructure of the organization. Based on the capabilities of our product, we have implemented many solutions, such as:

Integration within the organization

Bank transaction service
Customer Service
Credit and insurance applications
Sales and marketing support
Business mobile applications
Order acceptance and control

Integration with external services

Investment funds
Online shops

Modular system structure

Application servers
Notification servers
Channel service bus
Application servers are an essential part of ICC. Their task is to handle the specificity of communication for a given access channel. The interaction with the client or employee is translated into a uniform message dictionary that is processed in subsequent layers of the system. The most commonly used application server is the server that supports web applications.
system diagram with active application servers

Comprehensive functionalities
in one place

Contact Centre

Interactive Communication Centre is a system that offers a complete solution for Contact Centre. Provides support for the automatic IVR channel (Interactive Voice Response) and voice connections with operators. Similarly, modern communication solutions are supported, such as: live chat or messengers (Jabber, Messenger). Contact Centre allows you to manage email, SMS and push notifications. The built-in module offers support for a uniform queue to the operator, which means that the customer can be served regardless of the form of communication.
The platform we designed has the function of monitoring the number of clients waiting for the connection and gives the estimated time needed to get in touch with the operator. When the time is too long, it allows the customer to register a callback request.

Content Management

ICC is equipped with a uniform mechanism for managing website content, information in mobile applications, notifications sent by e-mail or SMS. The platform interface has the function of preparing or modifying information in a manner used in CMS. The interface allows operators' authorization control, storage of change history and publication workflow support. In addition, ICC allows you to combine content prepared by the main application server with additional data shared externally (e.g. RSS). ICC flexibility allows cooperation with other services.

Built-in SSO support

ICC platform has built-in SSO (Single Sign On) mechanisms that allow customers to use technically different solutions using a single authentication mechanism. This solution is achievable because external SSO servers are integrated with Softax CA system containing the embedded SSO server. Thanks to this solution, the website made available through ICC may contain the content of other suppliers' web servers and web applications were available on the company's website.

Application screen wizard

Application screens presenting forms or tables are a significant part of websites and are subject to frequent changes. The wizard allows direct design and appearance testing by business teams. In addition, it allows you to generate application code that is responsible for the form appearance. The programmers only have to implement the logic of the screen. Thanks to this technology, the process of making changes is quick and easy to manage.


System core
- Softax appCommon
- C/C++
Business logic layer
- JavaScript
- XML Schema
- Swagger OpenAPI
- Softax IAN – Python z C/C++
- Oracle Database
- PostgreSQL
Integration with organization systems
- WebServices
- gRPC
- Files
- Softax Kit
- Swift
- Objective-C
- Softax SDK
- Kotlin
- Java
- JavaScript + React
- Softax Core Components
- RedHat
- CentOS
- Debian
- Private Cloud – OpenShift
- classic installations
- Docker Images for Kubernetes/OpenShift
- RPM/DEB for RedHat/CentOS and Debian systems
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