Softax in cooperation with Bank Pekao S.A. has prepared a new version of the PeoPay application for mobile banking customers. Close cooperation with the business development department and bank's IT engineers for several months resulted in the release of the application with a new, attractive graphic design, a range of improvements and changes expected by customers. Work on the solution was carried out using Agile methodology.

The new version (like the previous one) from the technical side is a hybrid combined with features that are delivered to the application in a native way for the phone's system platform. Similarly, functions have been implemented that are dynamically delivered in webview components. Most of the functionalities available in the application are implemented natively, thanks to which the hardware capabilities of phones are used effectively. This directly results in, among others, the speed of application and smoothness of the animation, which has a positive effect on customer satisfaction. The introduced changes in the UI interface enable simplified, even more intuitive access to the application's functions. The structure and appearance of the menu has been developed to increase its readability. Redesigned screens of transfers and transaction history offer users to perform operations even faster and easier.
A new feature in the latest PeoPay version is opening company bank accounts using a photo of the so-called selfie and the ability to conveniently switch between the company and private profile.

Below are the links where you can download the new application:
- iOS
- Google Play

We encourage you to use the new version of the application!