For many years, we have been providing advanced systems for the most demanding clients in the area of ​​financial services.

Our goal was and is to create software that meets the constantly growing market needs, while maintaining the highest security standards.

Due to the technological profile of Softax' operations, our activities focused on implementing cloud solutions. It was met with great interest and approval from our clients. It has been confirmed in practice that modernization has a multi-faceted effect on the organization. Increasingly better hardware capabilities and the growing awareness of the advantages of the cloud meant that we would like to share our experience and actively participate in the global development of the cloud environment.

For this reason, we decided to join the Cloud Native Computing Foundation program as a silver member and became an official Kubernetes Certified Service Provider.

We believe that participation in the program will provide us with even greater opportunities to promote the latest cloud-based technologies, which we liked so much and appreciated by our clients.