Cloud Core Banking

The banking system tailored to your needs

Advantica Cloud Core Banking is our proprietary and reliable electronic banking system that provides a fully comprehensive core banking service.

Advantica offers multi-channel support for banking products and banking services. Enables support for modern solutions using the Open APIs (such as: AIS, PIS, CAF). Due to the high flexibility of our product, its implementation is possible in financial institutions and banks of any business profile. Advantica is designed in such a way as to ensure openness to changes and to be able to respond efficiently to the rapidly changing needs of banks and customers. It consists of two functional interfaces, designed for both the organization and the client. Our product uses modern IT technologies and Personal Assistant class solutions.

The well thought-out architecture of components and an experienced team of specialists ensure easy integration with the current infrastructure of the bank. The implementation can take place in the cloud or using traditional methods.

For over 26 years, we specialize in providing fully stable, fault-free and 24/7/365 systems.

The team of Softax business analysts will prepare an individual offer tailored to the needs of your organization and the currently owned IT infrastructure.


Advantica is our innovative and highly developed banking product. Advanced technology allows for the implementation and use of modern payment methods that have gained great popularity among users of electronic banking. Thanks to the solutions applied, the client of the financial institution may, among others, digitize your plastic payment card or use your biometric data (e.g. fingerprint, face image) to log in or authorize orders.

Logging in and authorization is done using a Softax proprietary mobile token that uses biometric data. This token uses secure cryptographic tools implemented on iOS and Android phones. Thanks to the benefits of using Big Data, the offer presented to customers is fully tailored and individualized in accordance with the Personal Finance Assistant (PFA) paradigm. In addition, the system supports the latest requirements defined in the Payment Services Directive (PSD2) and Open Banking. The presented solutions are completely safe, stable, scalable and reliable, which Softax has implemented in the largest financial institutions in Poland.

for needs of banks
and their customers


Benefits for banks

  • Stability and fault-free operation in 24/7/365 mode,
  • The ability to define and edit products and services,
  • Ability to display personalized offers,
  • Architecture allows for an easy integration with existing systems,
  • Back office clear and intuitive User Interface,
  • Adding advertising campaigns by access channels and user scope.

Benefits for users

  • Access to electronic banking 24/7/365,
  • Financial check state,
  • Instantly top up your account with new funds thanks to the processing of credit applications by decision-making machines,
  • Modern mobile applications,
  • Simple and intuitive banking website interface,
  • Help in managing expenses and savings.

While designing Advantica system, we focused most on electronic banking users. We have thoroughly analyzed their behavior models, habits, expectations and needs.

This allowed us to develop a set of activities and functions that the system should implement to encourage users to choose our system. We have created a list of key financial services and products offered by banks to make Advantica a comprehensive product that meets the needs of financial institutions and their clients.

At Advantica, the services and functions provided by the website serve the customer and his convenience. We took care of a simple and legible interface so that its use is as intuitive as possible. Despite the use of many innovative solutions, we have not removed the possibility of implementing existing functions in a classic way. Thanks to this, users who prefer to provide services in a classic way are not forced to change their habits. Users who are open to technological novelties have many new functionalities at their disposal (e.g. authorization using FaceID or biometrics, support for multi-currency cards, transfer to a telephone number and creation of savings piggy banks).

Annual surveys show that the number of users of electronic banking is constantly growing, and electronic banking enjoys great trust among the public.

to customer needs

Advantica system assumes that the customer is connected to the bank on a continuous basis. As a result, it uses the functionalities and services offered by the bank on an ongoing basis. The website user is immediately notified of the transaction (e.g. shopping in the store, withdrawal of funds from an ATM, execution or receipt of a transfer).

If Advantica recognizes that after completing a given transaction the customer may have difficulty repaying their obligations, it will immediately notify him, suggesting resignation from further purchases or offering credit-adapted debits on the account.

Appearance of the mobile application with notifications and an interactive debit scale

The Data Analysis Module (MAD) guarantees individual adaptation of the offer to the client's needs

The core of our proprietary product is the Data Analysis Module. MAD's task is to collect all events resulting from customer-bank interaction. Events are appropriately indexed and categorized to create perspectives based on statistical analyzes and built-in rules. The basic feature of MAD is the ability to acquire and analyze customer activities online and their automatic sharing to external interfaces. Thanks to this solution, the customer receives tailored product and service offers at the right time, place and communication channel.

Examples of analytical system usage:

Extensive search functionality

Simplified ability to search for transaction objects, products, services and functions on the website.

Multidimensional history of operations

The analysis of customer behavior allows to predict future operations and suggest their implementation.

Generating a summary and financial forecast

The use of historical data and the analysis of regularity of settlements (according to recipients, frequency, amount ranges or settlement type) enables the creation of a summary and financial forecast.


Intelligent categorization

Intelligent categorization of data according to recipients, instead of spheres of life whose grouping is ambiguous.

Personal Finance Assistant

Advantica is the first banking system that uses the functionality of a personal and virtual financial assistant. When designing Advantica, we wanted to create a modern product that would meet the expectations of the most demanding customers and satisfy users who are not technologically advanced. To meet the assumptions made, we have created an interface that recognizes the user's natural language. In practice, this involves entering a need or request in the text field (e.g. Top up your phone).

Similarly, this service works in a mobile application, with the difference that it additionally supports voice commands. As in the Siri, Cortana or Google applications, you can ask informal questions or requests (e.g. "Do you have a deposit offer for me?", "Pay tax.")

Advantica in the Bank's IT architecture

Advantica contains a built-in WebServices communication layer ensuring data exchange between all systems. Advantica requires integration with many applications and systems functioning in the organization. Our implementation specialists team guarantees problem-free, efficient and effective integration.

Our solution achieves high performance and reliability due to the effective combination of programming languages and proprietary Softax technologies. Thanks to the flexibility of architecture, it enables organizations to independently expand its functionality.

Implementation of additional Softax products creates a comprehensive solution in the area of handling the entire life cycle of financial products and multi-channel processing of financial transactions.

Below is the use model of Advantica implemented on the Banking Integration Platform (BPI), which works with other systems we offer:

CA – Authorization Centre is a highly flexible platform used for authentication, authorization, authorization control and process management in the organization.

BPI – Business Integration Platform is an enterprise service bus for conducting convenient, secure and efficient data exchange between applications in the organization.

IFD – Interactive Fraud Detector is a proprietary tool for detecting and actively preventing abuse in the network. It guarantees high effectiveness and significantly reduces the number of attacks.

ICC – Modern IT platform ensuring contact between company service and its clients through various information distribution channels.

BMK – Bank Micro Kernel is a fully functional, integrated, modular and multi-currency banking system. Uses the latest information technologies.

IPS – New generation card and payment platform offering comprehensive support for card products and payment services. Enables support for contactless mobile payments.


System core
- Softax appCommon
- C/C++
Defining banking products
- JavaScript
- XML Schema
- Swagger OpenAPI
- Softax IAN – Python and C/C++
- Oracle Database
- PostgreSQL
Integration with organization systems
- WebServices
- gRPC
- Files
- Softax Kit
- Swift
- Objective-C
- Softax SDK
- Kotlin
- Java
- JavaScript + React
- Softax Core Components
- RedHat
- CentOS
- Debian
- Private Cloud – OpenShift
- Classic installations
- Docker Images for Kubernetes/OpenShift
- RPM/DEB for RedHat/CentOS and Debian systems
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