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Advantica Cloud Core Banking is our proprietary electronic banking system that provides a fully comprehensive core banking service. It offers multi-channel banking products and services as well as support in the implementation of business plans. The system supports the latest requirements defined in the Payment services Directive (PSD2) and Open Banking. Advantica is a secure, stable, scalable and reliable solution that Softax has implemented in the largest financial institutions in Europe.

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Why Softax Core Banking is worth choosing?

Individual offer

Would you like to set up a bank from scratch? It is possible with us. We will help you design and implement technologically advanced banking that will respond to your organization's vision and needs. If you already have a banking system or other IT infrastructure - we will help in its further development.


We offer implementation in the cloud so that your bank can respond efficiently to rapidly changing user needs and effectively support sales plans for financial products and services. Cloud is a guarantee of unification of production and implementation processes in the organization, while reducing software maintenance costs. An experienced team of specialists will help your organization plan and carry out an efficient transformation cycle.


The carefully designed architecture of the components in the SOA model enables efficient integration with your organization's current infrastructure. We use open-source solutions and original products, which are the exclusive property and know-how of our company. This means full control over the source code, freedom in the process of choosing functionality and carrying out efficient implementation. Everything is done so that your bank gets exactly what it needs.

Increase sales of products and services

Use of proprietary data analysis tool and exchange of Big Data information allows you to tailor individual offers and display them in any communication channel. In addition, a virtual personal adviser will take care of your bank's customers by controlling the account balance, the amount of financial resources needed to repay liabilities and will allow to immediately increase the overdraft on account by issuing an automatic credit decision.

Many components, one comprehensive operation

Discover the most important Advantica elements that make up a comprehensive and innovative banking system. Any component you choose can expand the functionality of your bank. If you have not found interesting functionality, please contact us - we undertake the most advanced and demanding projects. Decide what you need and we'll do the rest.
Bank Micro Kernel
Bank Micro Kernel (BMK) component is responsible for accounting settlements, maintaining the general ledger, sales automation and managing processes in the organization.
Interactive Payment Services
Interactive Payment Services (IPS) component is responsible for comprehensive support of card products and payment services using mobile contactless payments.
Authorization Centre
Authorization Centre (CA) component is responsible for authentication, authorization, access control and support of maker-checker procedures.
Data Analysis Module
Data Analysis Module (MAD) component is responsible for matching individual offers to the user at the right time, place and communication channel.
Interactive Fraud Detector
Interactive Fraud Detector (IFD) is a complete system responsible for detecting and actively preventing fraud in the network and money laundering.
Biometric Onboarding Platform
BOP component is responsible for e-verification of customers using a web-based or mobile application, with the possibility of extending it with any identification mechanisms.

Solutions that users value

To guarantee the highest competitiveness of your bank, we have created a system that responds to the growing needs and preferences of electronic banking users.

Examples of functionalities:

  • Creating an account with a selfie
  • Transfer to phone number
  • Multi-currency cards
  • Automatic credit decisions
  • Creating savings piggy banks
  • Authorization using biometrics
  • Financial forecasts and report generation
  • The use of natural language

Dedicated interfaces

Modern and user-friendly applications for Back Office teams and clients.
  • Front Office applications
  • Back Office applications
  • Mobile applications

Advantica is a technologically advanced core banking system

We create enterprise class systems using the latest IT technologies that are in line with the needs and trends in the field of electronic banking. In addition, our solutions meet the highest security standards. Contact us to find out why we are the best software supplier in Poland.

Cooperation with Softax has many benefits for you

24/7/365 support
cloud implementation
individual offer
highest security standards
advanced technologies
proprietary solutions
integration with existing infrastructure

Do you need a comprehensive core banking system or would you like to modernize your existing banking? Contact us.

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