Micro Kernel

Comprehensive accounting
and automatic sale
of banking products and services

Extended functionality

BMK core banking is primarily: accounting settlements, maintaining a general ledger and automating the process of selling products and services. Our system supports financial institutions and banks with various business profiles, whose customer service is carried out mainly via electronic channels. The solutions presented below are examples of functionalities that can be adjusted and freely expanded, depending on the needs of your organization.

Debit and credit cards
Customer Identification File
Cash operations
Credit risk
Debt collection
General ledger
Deposit accounts
Currency exchange
Commissions and fees
Foreign currency operations
Customer service
Electronic access channels

The use of decision-making machines

Reliability confirmed in practice






transactions a day

0.5 MLN

million automatic credit decision per day

Key system components, thanks to which you will gain an advantage over the competition

Decision machines

The possibility of granting instant loans and credits to customers, who meet the conditions you set.

Advanced verification

Comprehensive verification of credibility and multi-threaded creditworthiness assessment, using the databases indicated by your organization.

The core of the banking system

BMK is above all an advanced system enabling the handling of millions of accounts and transactions, keeping the general ledger and various settlements.

Dedicated axManager console

Back Office teams can easily define new products and services, test introduced changes and manage all processes in one place.


Controlling sales results, monitoring performance and generating any reports, thanks to which your bank will provide the highest quality services.


The organization can independently expand the functionality.


Comprehensive support for all distribution channels, including branches, ATMs, terminals and mobile banking.

Clear and modern web interface that will improve process management in your organization

BMK is a system that combines your needs and our experience

Our many years of experience have enabled us to design an architecture that makes it possible to install multiple copies of modules on multiple machines. The installation can be distributed on both physical and virtual servers. This guarantees a high level of reliability and resistance to hardware failures. By choosing BMK, your bank will gain stability 24/7/365.
Our systems are characterized by the highest security class. We used complicated mechanisms to control access to each object defined at the Application Framework level and functional modules implemented in them. BMK enables, among others support for digital signature, encryption of exchanged data, encryption of data transmission and authentication of sender and recipient.
Smooth integration
Thoughtful SOA architecture allows any and flexible adjustment of functionality to the needs of your organization. You only get what you need - without unnecessary and costly reconstruction of your infrastructure.

Cooperation with Softax has many benefits for you

24/7/365 support
cloud implementation
individual offer
highest security standards
advanced technologies
proprietary solutions
integration with existing infrastructure

Discover the other components that make up core banking

Fraud detection

Our proprietary Interactive Fraud Detector is responsible for actively preventing fraud in the network in our systems.

Interactive Fraud Detector

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