Bank Micro Kernel

BMK system was created with the premise of supporting modern banking focused on customer service through electronic channels.

In today's world of accelerating pace of changes in financial markets, growing competition, new customer expectations in terms of product offer, distribution channels of banking services and products, newly emerging banks face a huge challenge: how to choose a functionally and technologically appropriate banking system. The system, which will actually facilitate quick and flexible response to current and future customer needs, will shorten the time necessary to introduce new offer products, while enabling multi-channel service with 24x7 access.

The architecture of BMK system ensures scalability, efficiency and reliability, making full use of the latest available information technologies in the field of software and hardware. At the core of the system architecture is modularity that allows it to be flexibly adapted to specific needs. Modularity is supported by openness understood as providing functionality in the form of services in the SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) model.

The use of an automatic decision-making system enables the granting of immediate loans and advances to customers who meet the set conditions.
Implementation with the help of a team of Softax specialists can take place in the cloud or using traditional methods.

System key elements

Security and risk management

  • Comprehensive verification of creditworthiness and multi-threaded assessment of borrowers' ability.
  • A large variety of classification trees and scoring lists with the ability to easily make changes to the scoring.
  • Extensive functionality of preventing fraud, money laundering and terrorism financing thanks to verification of clients before the conclusion of the contract and cyclically in independent databases (KNF, SWOZ, sanction lists, PEP lists). In addition, you can run your own database.
  • Compliance with all applicable legal regulations.

Advantage over the competitors

  • Independent extension of functionality by organization using a dedicated platform (axManager).
  • Support for many distribution channels: branches, ATMs, POS terminals, call centers, online and mobile banking.
  • 24/7/365 access to banking services.
  • Comprehensive business functionality enables easy and quick service of a wide product offer (including current and savings accounts, term deposits and loans).

Extended functionality

  • Simplified definition of new products.
  • Ready tools for testing introduced products and services.
  • Built-in process management tools (e.g. performance monitoring, mass processes, report generation).
  • Easy adaptation of the system functionality to the bank's business processes.

Simplified Integration

  • Easy integration with other banking systems due to the SOA-based architecture application.
  • The scalability of the system is achieved thanks to the easy configuration of new machines using internal mechanisms of module replication.
  • BMK implementation into the currently owned infrastructure does not require its costly expansion.
  • Implementation can be done in a traditional way or in the cloud.

Business architecture

BMK architecture is based on functional packages that consist of sets of functions necessary to support a given business field. Individual packages can be combined with each other, thanks to which they form a configuration adapted specifically to the needs of your bank.
Business packages examples:

Customer initiated processes

Customer registration, account opening, credit application registration, handling customer instructions in branches and via electronic channels.

Bank internal processes

Accounting services, debt collection, rights management in the system, product administration or system technical administration.
List of areas that include functionalities: credit risk, credit cards, foreign currency support, deposit accounts.

Dedicated console

Bank Micro Kernel system, thanks to the dedicated axManager console, offers a number of solutions supporting work with the system, in particular product life cycle management and mass processes administration.

Defining products
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The system provides predefined patterns of deposit and credit products, thanks to which creating new products or services is extremely intuitive. This process consists in copying and editing previously implemented patterns.

Testing introduced changes
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Newly defined products and services are validated in terms of their operation before being made available in the production environment. In addition, each time there is a change in product parameters that already exist in a production environment can be tested using test tools. If the test result is positive, the product with new parameters is automatically transferred to the production environment.

Product and process management
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BMK system has a built-in set of tools for monitoring the efficiency of mass processes, including the ability to generate various reports and statistics. Thanks to this, it is possible to compare results based on historical data or data after changing parameters of products or services.

Looped architecture elements: management, definition and testing

Flexibility of BMK

Bank Micro Kernel system, thanks to its advanced architecture, offers rich functionality in terms of products and enables quick response to dynamically changing business needs.

BMK architecture is based on the Application Framework, which provides basic mechanisms for specialized functional modules that implement business functions. The modules operate on the basis of common layers, ensuring fast, safe and reliable operations. The construction of layers and modules is subordinated to multi-threaded work, consisting in separating the details of physical implementation and optimal communication.

BMK is the product
that combines your needs
and our experience


BMK system, like other Softax products, was built on the basis of common architectural mechanisms to offer the easiest possible integration.
  • Guarantee of independence from database producers. Possible cooperation with Oracle, DB2, Postgres databases.
  • The components are created for Linux x64 and IBM PowerLinux. It is possible to implement it on any operating system and any cloud computing.
  • Key layers and components are implemented in C ++ for maximum performance.
  • Business logic is created in scripting languages (JavaScript, Python), and business processes are defined using graphic modelers (SoftaxVide).
  • The communication layer is independent of middleware providers.


The system architecture allows installing multiple copies of system modules on multiple machines. Thanks to this solution, distributed installation on many physical and virtual servers is possible. Combined with Oracle or DB2 clustered database mechanisms, this configuration guarantees a high level of reliability and resistance to hardware failures. The architecture, implementation and practice of BMK system allows stable operation 24/7/365.


The basic layers of BMK system were designed to process a very large number of financial transactions in a very short time. Bank Micro Kernel system is adapted to support many millions of accounts, to process millions of transfers in sessions and to post thousands of card and internet transactions per second. Our product is a guarantee of operation stability.


BMK system has access control mechanisms for each object defined at the Application Framework level and functional modules implemented in it. These mechanisms allow very precise regulation of access, execution and modification of individual data and functions, both by users and by automatic processes.

The mechanisms provided by the Communication Layer, in communication with other systems, allow to:

  • digital signature support
  • content encryption of exchanged data (e.g. WS-security for Web Services),
  • encryption of data transmission via the TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocol,
  • sender and recipient authentication.

BMK in the Bank's IT architecture

BMK system has a built-in WebServices communication layer that ensures data exchange between all systems.

Bank Micro Kernel requires integration with many systems currently operating in the organization. Our team of implementation specialists guarantees smooth and effective integration. Implementation of additional Softax products creates a comprehensive solution in the area of handling the entire life cycle of financial products and multi-channel processing of financial transactions.

Below is the model of using BMK implemented on the enteprise service bus (BPI), which works with other systems we offer:

CA – Authorization Centre is a highly flexible platform used for authentication, authorization, authorization control and process management in the organization.

BPI – Business Integration Platform is a corporate service bus used for conducting convenient, secure and efficient data exchange between applications in the organization.

IFD – Interactive Fraud Detector is a proprietary tool used to detect and actively prevent abuse in the network. It guarantees high effectiveness and significantly reduces the number of attacks.

ICC – Modern IT platform ensuring contact between company service and its clients through various information distribution channels.

ADVANTICA – comprehensive and reliable electronic banking system using the latest technologies. It consists of functionality designed for the organization and the client.

IPS – New generation card and payment platform offering comprehensive support for card products and payment services. Enables support for contactless mobile payments.


BMK functionality in the BIAN model

The modular structure of BMK system is based on the SOA model, which gives the opportunity to use all or selected parts of functionality to build new solutions. BMK performs business functions in business areas and domains in accordance with the BIAN standard.
Reference data
Customer File
External Entities
Market Data
Product Management
Sales and services
Distribution Channel Management
Common functions for multiple channels
Customer Management
Operations and management
Products for Electronic Banking
Products for Corporate Banking
Cards and card transactions
Payments, interbank settlements
Collateral loan records
Customer services
Business support
IT Management
Financial reports


System core
- Softax appCommon
- C/C++
Defining banking products
- JavaScript
- XML Schema
- Swagger OpenAPI
- Softax IAN – Python and C/C++
- Oracle Database
- PostgreSQL
Integration with organization systems
- WebServices
- gRPC
- Files
- Softax Kit
- Swift
- Objective-C
- Softax SDK
- Kotlin
- Java
- JavaScript + React
- Softax Core Components
- RedHat
- CentOS
- Debian
- Private Cloud – OpenShift
- Classic installations
- Docker Images for Kubernetes/OpenShift
- RPM/DEB for RedHat/CentOS and Debian systems
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