Biometric Onboarding

customer e-verification

Online verification process

Biometric Onboarding Platform allows you to conduct a complete onboarding process for new customers using a web-based or mobile application, without the need for direct contact with an employee of your company. Flexibility and an individual approach to the developed software is the fulfillment of your needs in 100%.

Onboarding in just four steps

Response to the current market needs

Security of e-verification
BOP platform guarantees the security of customer e-verification processes thanks to the use of the latest technologies and advanced algorithms. The sent documents are verified in terms of authenticity and security marks, and then the liveness check is done.
Liveness check
The most advanced method for the correct recognition of authentic biometric features. Performing a live check significantly reduces the false acceptance rate. During this process, the user interacts with the application by executing commands such as moving his head or smiling.
Freedom of choice
Depending on the needs of your organization, identity verification can be extended with additional bank identification mechanisms, such as: PSD2, mojeID or a verification transfer. Thanks to this, each potential customer will find a convenient and suitable solution.
Compliance with applicable regulations
The platform complies with the Anti-Money Laundering Directive (AML 5) and the recommendation of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, which allows for automatic verification of documents and persons in external systems, including: MIG DZ, register of identity cards, database of PESEL numbers, list of wanted persons, SWOZ, PEP, sanction lists and internal databases.

Comprehensive solution

Discover the most important functionalities that we can freely modify and adapt to the needs of your organization.
Optical character recognition

Advanced OCR analysis consists in automatic data reading and then their verification in external databases and checking the integrity of the data, which is confirmed by the lack of signs of manipulation.

Similarity verification

The use of artificial intelligence and trained neural networks.

Mobile applications

Implementation possible on the most popular mobile operating systems - iOS and Android.


Support for the communication process, data exchange between the application and back office systems as well as storing documents in a safe zone.

Qualified and advanced electronic signature

Additional integration with any provider of electronic signatures enables the conclusion of a binding contract completely online.

Business processes

The built-in BPMN engine allows you to fine-tune your business processes so that they fully cover business strategies.

Would you like more?

If your organization would like to conduct the automated sales process completely online, you may be interested in our proprietary Sales Front Office platform, which allows you to sell any products and services with financing without leaving your home.

Sales Front Office

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In our offer you will find only reliable systems that successfully function in large and medium-sized organizations. Contact us to find out how BOP will improve sales in your organization.
We will help you conduct a professional analysis, match the best solutions, integrate with the currently owned infrastructure and support the system's operation at a later stage.
From the very first stage of creating our products, we take care of a well-planned architecture. Thanks to that, our implementations take place efficiently, and the subsequent expansion and modernization is not a problem.
Our products and services are based on proprietary source codes and many years of the company's know-how. We have full control over the systems we offer - we can freely modify the functionality provided depending on your needs.

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