Business Integration Platform

service bus

Business Integration Platform is a enterprise service bus for conducting convenient, secure and efficient data exchange between applications in the organization.

BPI successfully integrates over 40 systems in one of Polish banks
Softax analyst team will prepare a comprehensive offer tailored to the needs of your organization

Help in managing IT infrastructure
in your organization

Efficient implementation

Softax Business Integration Platform is a modern IT product made in SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) technology. BPI is used to conduct convenient, secure and efficient data exchange between applications in the organization. Our proprietary product enables mutual integration of an unlimited number of systems. At the same time, the implementation of our software does not require significant or costly interference in the institution's current IT structure. We were able to achieve this thanks to the carefully designed architecture and many years of experience. Softax BPI successfully operates in many banks and large financial institutions.

While designing Business Integration Platform, Softax focused on providing a flexible environment that can be adapted to both currently owned IT systems, but also to the constantly changing business needs of the organization. We achieved maximum performance thanks to the implementation of general interfaces, whose task is direct communication with BPI. The integration of our system organizes, accelerates and facilitates the process and data exchange between all existing systems. The architecture of our product guarantees the best adaptation, with the least possible interference in the currently owned infrastructure.

Why worth choosing
Softax Business
Integration Platform?

Many years of experience

Softax specialists team has many years of experience in the design and implementation of systems for the largest banks in Poland and financial institutions.

Non-invasive integration

BPI is a solution fully adapted to the needs and conditions of integrated applications functioning in your organization. It does not require costly reconstruction of architecture.

Easy adaptation

We used a uniform, XML-based, BPIMF message format. The area scope developed by Softax contains most of the functionalities found in organizations.

Comprehensive communication

BPI supports synchronous and asynchronous communication. It enables the exchange of messages on-line and with the help of file mechanisms. In addition, the optimal method of integration with the application is always available.

Embedded modules

Our product has implemented gateways support for many different systems used in banks and financial institutions. In addition, built-in flow templates help you model business processes.

Full control

BPI offers many facilities that make Back Office work more efficient. Examples of functionalities: the ability to define calendars and schedules, the service of notifications and reports for operators, and the ability to define employee rights.

Flexible flow management

The built-in Flow Manager (FM) enables processing based on workflow schemes. Thanks to this, it is possible to process data, aggregate content or implement cache mechanisms. In addition, FM allows you to save the processing status at any time, which is especially useful for complex business processes.

Unique "no limit" architecture

The experience and the multitude of successful implementations have allowed us to design a system created for continuous operation while maintaining the highest standards of safety, efficiency and stability. Due to the original source code, the offered platform is fully adapted to the needs of the customer, and the number of systems that can be integrated - unlimited.

Comprehensive support/help

Softax offers help at every stage of the project. Starting from the preparation of the best offer, to support services for the already implemented product.

(System) architecture

The gateways are components isolating integrated applications from BPI bus. They are designed in such a way that the format of data exchanged with the application is the one expected by the application. By default, the system contains three categories of universal gateways.

The first category is a file gateway acting as a daemon on Unix, Linux, Vms or as a service on MS Windows.

The second category is the HTTP gateway (in the input and output form), whose task is to send content in XML form, in accordance with the current HTTP protocol.

The third category is the Web Services gateway, which, like the HTTP gateway, comes in both input and output, while supporting SOAP. Message translation can be configured in XSLT.

In addition to the above types, Business Integration Platform has used many dedicated types of B2B gateways (e.g. MQSeries, Tuxedo or Corba).

Process monitoring
at the highest level

Technical Event Monitor is an extremely important component embedded in BPI system. It enables, among others: browsing the list of running components, reporting technical errors, obtaining information about performance, or creating statistics from any area.

Event monitor visualization

Built-in manager mechanisms

The architecture of BPI system and the use of closely cooperating managers allowed to perform and monitor any complex data flows between systems. The environment is managed using the Operator Console, which allows access to all mechanisms of individual managers.

Flow Manager

BPI Flow Manager is responsible for implementing business processes according to a predefined model. Model definitions are described in XML. Individual business rules that determine processing can also be described in the Python scripting language.

Calendar Manager

Support for calendars, system hours, days off, stop system operations, stop customer, stop message.

Schedule Manager

Support for defining and modifying schedules and initiating tasks according to defined time rules.

Version Manager

Defining and handling versioning of messages within defined streams of processed data.

Operator Manager

Managing BPI system users with the option of defining profiles grouping permission sets.

Notification Manager

Configuring SMS / email notifications regarding BPI processing rules and emergencies.

Report Manager

Definition and execution of reports on processing or concerning processed business data.

Security first
that is our motto

Ensuring data security and integrity is a key issue in the process of data exchange between different systems or applications. Unauthorized interference is considered to be a data exchange or data input from an unauthorized source system. In some cases, it is also important to prevent viewing the exchanged data. This is particularly important for preventing abuse within the organization. In BPI system, we took care of everything, thanks to which the following security mechanisms were created:

Non-qualified digital signatures support
It enables the integrated applications to use the signature as both a consumer and a data producer.
Encryption of the exchanged data content
The ability to encrypt files or messages, e.g. WS-security for WebServices.
Sender and recipient authentication
Using a certificate or SSO (Single Sign-On) mechanisms.
Certificate signing of stored data in BPI
The business rule engine signs critical business data in a database.
Hash functions
Dedicated for B2B applications that do not use digital signatures (e.g. for file exchange).
Data encryption
Support for TLS (Transport Layer Security).


C++, Python, XML, Linux x86_64
Documented processing of millions messages and tens of thousands files per day
Distributed computing
Easy system scaling and rebuilding modules
In a distributed configuration, the system is resistant to failures of individual components
Uninterrupted reconfiguration
Changing parameters and changing the version takes place without interruptions in the availability of the service
The use of comprehensive security mechanisms using leading security technologies
Do you need a secure, convenient and efficient data exchange in your organization?