Authorization of the organization's
employees and clients
and secure data storage

Many functionalities tailored to the needs of your institution

Authorization Center (CA) core banking is responsible for managing business processes, simplifying the work of Back Office operators, two-step authorization, supporting the security of the organization and the data stored in it. The platform will be used for both employees and clients of medium and large institutions, regardless of the profile of conducted activity.

Discover the wide range of mechanisms that CA offers

Solutions presented below are examples of the possibilities of our system, which can be freely extended and modified, depending on the needs of your organization.
Employee access control
Access control for clients
Verification of employees' permissions
Defining safes
Secure data storage
Granting permissions
Authorization of operations
Single Sign-On functionality
Maker-checker procedures support
White and black list
Digital certificate support
Public Key Infrastructure technology

Multi-faceted management in one place

Dedicated administration console simplifies and effectively processes processes in the internal back office teams.
Access Control

Platform regulates access to IT systems, physical resources and rooms to employees of the organization and its clients.

Authorization Account

Authorization accounts created in the system allow to easily verify the user's identity, role and his access to resources and functions.

Two-step authorization

Two-step authorization and the way it functions is determined by the organization. In the case of two-step authorization, it is assumed to use an additional authorization tool, e.g. sms code, token.

Access Channels

Platform uses specially created access channels, i.e. applications that are the user interface, or other places where its authentication is required.

IP address

Access based on the IP address protects against account scanning and allows you to control the user's workplace.


Possibility of scheduling temporary system access limitation for a selected access channel or user.

Public Key Infrastructure

Providing services that include: management of non-qualified certificates, implementation of digital signatures, generation and maintenance of electronic signatures, encryption and decryption of information using HSM or software libraries.

Functionalities that we tailor especially for you

Flexibility of the Authorization Center (CA) system allows the use of most mechanisms for both customers and employees of the organization. We managed to achieve this thanks to the thought-out architecture in the SOA model. If you have questions about implementing CA in your organization, please contact us. We will help to match the best solutions that will meet your expectations.

Employees service

Passcards are individual sets assigned to the user, consisting of an identifier and a password. The solution is used when the API of a given system requires employee's own authentication.
Virtual Private Network support
Authorization Center (CA) system includes managing access to the VPN service through authorization using any authorization tool (e.g. challenge-response token or SmartCard).
Access Management
Use of a three-stage mechanism of access authorization from the level of: Manager, IT Employee and Security Service.
Directory services
Employee access to selected systems can be defined as part of directory services such as ActiveDirectory or Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP).

Authorization Center (CA) is a platform that supports the daily work of many organizations. Find out why.

Your needs, our analyses
Performing systematic market analysis allows us to create software that is compatible with current trends in the field of IT, banking and finance. Thanks to this, we are able to reliably help our clients in carrying out business analysis.
Reliability and stability
Changing parameters and replacing the version takes place without interruptions in the availability of the service. In addition, the use of distributed architecture makes the system resistant to failures of individual components.
Smooth integration
Authorization Center (CA) functionality is made available in the form of webservice in the SOAP standard together with the WS-Security extension. It enables other systems and applications to use the offered functionalities.

Cooperation with Softax has many benefits for you

24/7/365 support
cloud implementation
individual offer
highest security standards
advanced technologies
proprietary solutions
integration with existing infrastructure

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Fraud detection

Our proprietary Interactive Fraud Detector is responsible for actively preventing fraud in the network in our systems.

Interactive Fraud Detector

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