and active prevention
of network abuse

Comprehensive protection for your organization

Interactive Fraud Detector is our proprietary tool for detecting and actively preventing fraud in the IT infrastructure. Supervises customer interactions in electronic access channels and effectively prevents attempts to disrupt system operation. Our system meets all applicable law (including GDPR, PSD2). For years it has been supporting medium and large institutions in Europe.

Effectiveness confirmed in practice


attack attempts detected during the month


times fewer attempted thefts


stopped attacks


less financial losses


transfers per day are qualified for additional verification

< 0,1%

successful thefts
Presented statistical data refer to a bank with 2 million active users who make about 3 million transfers per month.

Platform thanks to which you will ensure security in one place

Our system can work with other external systems functioning in your organization and act as an information hub for all anti-fraud systems. Thanks to this solution, CSiRt teams have direct access to all data and reports in one application.

How does Interactive Fraud Detector (IFD) work?

Guarantee of reducing financial and image losses

Below is a chart showing the decrease in financial and image losses in organizations in which we implemented our proprietary IFD system. The greatest effectiveness is noted after about 6 months from the implementation. In addition, there is a decrease in activity and interest among hackers who target less protected systems that are easier to break into.
Number of hacking accidents into accounts
Organizational reputation
Presented statistical data refer to a bank with 2 million active users who make about 3 million transfers per month.

Multifaceted operation

Interactive Fraud Detector works comprehensively and its protection covers all owned and shared access channels. It effectively counteracts threats and attempts to disrupt system operation continuity.
ATM withdrawals
Card payments
Card transactions
Mobile payments

Typical high-risk situations:

Large number of transactions with one card or from one account in a short time
Large number of transfers to one destination account
Instructions to withdraw funds shortly after they are credited to your accounts
Logging in to the site from geographically dispersed locations in a short time
Logging in to multiple accounts from one device

Common types of abuse:

Money laundering
Theft of funds from other people's accounts
Use of stolen payment instruments
Use of stolen data or authorization instruments
Theft of confidential data about a customer or his transaction

Operator console

It is used for manually checking suspicious transactions and then for their appropriate qualification. The system has the ability to learn, thanks to which future operations are subject to even more accurate assessment. The console allows creating visualizations of the entire system's behavior, taking into account the performance parameters to which the operator has a view and the possibility of introducing changes.

The best anti-fraud system

Our team of analysts conducts a process of thorough analysis of expectations and needs, so that our clients receive a system that meets all the requirements. The presented functionalities are examples of IFD system capabilities that can be freely modified. Contact us to find out how we can help protect your organization.
Our system meets the highest security standards due to the use of comprehensive security mechanisms and leading security technologies.
Distributed Architecture
Thoughtful architecture allows easy scaling and expansion of the system. Parameters change or exchange of software versions take place without interruptions in the availability of services.
We are specialists in system integration, which is why the software we offer is created in a way that facilitates its deployment and implementation into your organization's IT infrastructure.

Cooperation with Softax has many benefits for you

24/7/365 support
cloud implementation
individual offer
highest security standards
advanced technologies
proprietary solutions
integration with existing infrastructure

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