Interactive Payment Service

Modern payment solutions

Interactive Payment Service is our proprietary and secure platform that offers support for card products and payment services. It enables modern, contactless mobile payments.

Interactive Payment Service is a technologically advanced payment platform, including a comprehensive workflow in the field of multi-channel, multi-card and multi-application payment environment. Carefully designed architecture allows easy integration with existing systems in the IT infrastructure, without the need for costly changes. IPS has a built-in administrative console that is used to monitor the status of components and to perform remote parameter reconfiguration. IPS Softax system has been implemented in many Polish banks as well as payment and financial organizations.

Our systems processing over 600 card transactions per second.

Apple Pay + Google Pay + HCE
IPS received the title of "Recommendation of the Year 2014 for Financial Institutions"

IPS received the title of "Recommendation of the Year 2014 for Financial Institutions"

IPS system guarantees the scalability of processed card transactions.
We offer support and a 24/7/365 stability guarantee.
26 years of experience in creating and maintaining banking systems.

and Visa

Interactive Payment Service system is a comprehensive payment card service.

karta kredytowa

Assigned bank accounts

A unique feature of IPS platform is the ability to run accounts for credit, debit and prepaid cards. Payment cards can also be served on accounts kept in other systems.

Extensive support for card transactions

Softax system provides full accounting services for payment transactions (SMS / DMS), cashback functions as well as balance-inquiry and mini-statement.

Full support of EMV and NFC technologies

Support for the EMV standard, including scripts and applications CAP / DPA and XLS. In addition, IPS offers NFC (PayPass / PayWave) support, including CNP and PMS transactions.

Transaction authorization

The system supports transaction limits broken down into: contactless transactions, cards with a chip, cards with a magnetic strip and transactions without the card being physically present. In addition, the platform we offer supports: PIN changes, HSM hardware cryptography and 3DSecure technologies. All our solutions are in accordance with currently applicable law.

Mobile payments

IPS system has a built-in module responsible for mobile payments. Our system offers many functionalities.

  • Accounting service for mobile payments.
  • Smartphone applications: Android and iOS.
  • An application that accepts mobile and card payments (mPOS).
  • All transaction execution schemes: NFC, QR CODE, OTTC, P2P.
  • Support for NFC payment technology using a smartphone without the need for a GSM operator SIM card.
Phone screen with face recognition and credit card

IPS - comprehensive

Backup authorization

IPS platform has a STIP proxy authorization module. In the event of a network or financial system failure, the system can authorize operations itself.

Thanks to this solution, it is possible to maintain the availability of payment services. This may involve risks to the financial institution. To minimize potential risk and increase security, it is possible to configure various limits in IPS system, depending on the customer group, product type and place or type of transaction. STIP mode can be activated manually (e.g. in the case of planned administrative work) or automatically (in case of detecting unavailability of the financial system).
Support for Back Office teams

Interactive Payment Service has an IFD module that is responsible for detecting and preventing abuse.

Detection of irregularities is based on configurable scoring and consists of collecting information about transactions and comparing them with built-in fraud patterns. The mechanism makes it possible to detect fraud for every type of transaction in the field of financial and non-financial authorization (both online and near-online). In addition, the above module has tools to assist in completing the SAFE / TC40 report.
Customer Panel

IPS offers a dedicated interface with functionalities that facilitate and accelerate the management of processes and products.

  • Support for handling product applications.
  • Comprehensive support for processes related to the production and card issuing.
  • Interface for complete card parametrization, together with a graphic user interface for the customer to change the appearance of the card.
  • Support for the work of Call Center operators (post issue maintenance) by automating complaint processes, chargeback service and knowledge base (also available to customers).
  • Clearing processing of Visa, Mastercard and dedicated formats.

Additional IPS capabilities

Notification support
Admin console
Commission calculation
Report generation
System event database
User authorization

Easy adaptation in the IT environment

IPS has the ability to operate in a diverse architecture of information systems that function in your organization. The team of Softax specialists has experience in carrying out onerous and secure integration with other systems. Our platform enables the implementation of a new line of payment cards without disrupting the functioning of existing card products.
Configuration can be done in 3 ways:
Direct connection to Visa / MasterCard (VAP / MIP)
Via card switches (e.g. BASE24, Connex, Arcsys, Cortex)
Connection of IPS system before the existing system


  • EMV Book 1-4
  • Visa ICC Specification 1.4.0
  • Base I, Base II
  • Customer Interface Specification
  • IPM Clearing Formats
  • ISO-9564-1
  • ISO-9564-3
  • Full Issuer Host
  • Certification for Visa and Mastercard


C++, Python, XML, Linux x86_64
Documented processing of millions messages and tens of thousands files per day
Distributed computing
Easy system scaling and rebuilding modules
In a distributed configuration, the system is resistant to failures of individual components
Uninterrupted reconfiguration
Changing parameters and changing the version takes place without interruptions in the availability of the service
The use of comprehensive security mechanisms using leading security technologies
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