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Card payments service

IPS core banking is a technologically advanced platform that offers support for card products and payment services. It includes a comprehensive workflow in the field of multi-channel, multi-card and multi-application payment environment. It enables carrying out both traditional card transactions and modern mobile payments. The platform is dedicated to banks with various business profiles as well as payment and financial organizations. Our IPS system is responsible for all card transactions carried out at Pekao SA bank.

Apple Pay
Google Pay

600 transactions per second
The counter beside shows how many card transactions have been processed by our card systems while browsing this page. You read and our software works constantly 24/7/365.
27 years
Our experience is your success
Interactive Payment Service (IPS) platform is a proven and efficient software with the highest security class. Our many years of experience have enabled us to design a fully stable and scalable system that develops with the development of your organization. Thanks to the built-in administration console, Back Office teams can monitor the status of components and perform remote parameter reconfiguration, which does not affect the service continuity.

Visa and Mastercard

Interactive Payment Service (IPS) platform enables comprehensive support for the most popular payment cards in the world. We offer functional adjustment depending on the needs of your organization. Below are examples of the possibilities of our platform.
Many types of transactions
The platform provides full accounting service for SMS / DMS payment transactions, cashback, balance-inquiry, mini-statement and complaints.
Assignment of invoices
It is possible to run accounts for servicing credit, charge, debit and prepaid cards. Service can also be provided on accounts maintained by other systems.
Full support of EMV and NFC technologies
Interactive Payment Service (IPS) supports the EMV standard, including CAP / CPA and XLS scripts and applications. In addition, it supports NFC (PayPass/PayWave) as well as CNP and PMS transactions.
Advanced authorization
The system has the function of handling transaction limits depending on the type and method of the transaction being carried out. Additionally, it enables: PIN changes, HSM hardware cryptography and 3D Secure technology.

Mobile payments

The software flexibility allows you to support your organization in many business areas, including modern, contactless mobile payments.
  • Accounting service
  • Application enabling acceptance of card and mobile transactions (mPOS)
  • Smartphone applications: Android and iOS
  • Compatibility with: NFC, QR CODE, OTTC, P2P
  • NFC technology without the need for a GSM operator SIM card.

Comprehensive support for your organization

Admin Console
Interactive Payment Service(IPS) platform offers a dedicated interface with functionalities that facilitate and accelerate the management of processes and products in the organization.
  • Comprehensive support for card issuing processes
  • Automation of complaint processes and chargeback service
  • Clearing support
  • Handling product applications
Backup authorization

Built-in STIP module enables independent transaction authorization by the system in the event of a link or financial system failure. It allows you to configure various limits depending on the type of transaction, products or customer groups. STIP mode can be activated manually or automatically when financial system unavailability is detected.


The built-in Interactive Fraud Detector(IFD) module is responsible for detecting and preventing abuse. Detection of irregularities is based on scoring, which is determined by the organizations themselves. The mechanism allows detection of theft attempts for each type of transaction in the field of financial and non-financial authorization, both online and near-online. In addition, built-in tools support Back Office teams in completing the SAFE/TC40 report.

Interactive Payment Service is a system that combines your needs and our experience

27 years of experience in software development allowed us to create solutions resistant to hardware failures. By choosing the IPS platform, your organization will gain stability and reliability 24/7/365.
Effortless integration
Thanks to the knowledge and experience of our teams, the solutions we provide are integrated with our current IT infrastructure, without the need for costly expansion. We modernize and adapt instead of recreating.
SOA architecture allows you to customize platform functionality depending on the needs of your organization. If you have not found the solution you are looking for - contact us, we specialize in providing the most complex systems for individual orders.

Cooperation with Softax has many benefits for you

24/7/365 support
cloud implementation
individual offer
highest security standards
advanced technologies
proprietary solutions
integration with existing infrastructure

Discover the other components that make up core banking

Fraud detection

Our proprietary Interactive Fraud Detector is responsible for actively preventing fraud in the network in our systems.

Interactive Fraud Detector

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