Sales Front Office

Software for automatic sale of loan and leasing products

Sales Front Office is our proprietary system of comprehensive service of selling credit and leasing products for business entities and individual clients.

It allows fully automatic and simplified 24/7/365 sales procedure. The implementation of SFO is a greater sales guarantee of financial products and credit risk reduction for financial institutions. Thanks to the individual adjustment possibility of the system functionality to the customer's needs, SFO has an extremely wide range of applications. It works in all sales channels, regardless of the products offered value. For many years our system has been supporting cars sales in one of the largest automotive concerns in the world.

Immediate credit decision

Electronic document circulation

Implemented, among others, for
Implemented, among others, for Volkswagen Financial Services
We offer deployment in the cloud or using classic methodology.
24/7/365 Support
We guarantee tailoring the product to your needs and technical infrastructure.

Only 4 steps to finish the process

Main features

SFO platform is a solution that combines many functionalities and dedicated applications for: Back Office, Front Office and Customers. The system can be fully adapted to the individual needs and business processes of your organization. Thanks to the flexibility of our platform, the integration process with existing systems is extremely simple. SFO is a comprehensive sales and after-sales service, with the ability to track processes at every stage and generate reports with sales results.

Immediate decision

Automatic credit decision issuing thanks to the use of scoring processes. Scoring is fully editable for Back Office teams.

Reduced credit risk

Credit risk decreases significantly by applying a reliable engine rules.

Customer Portal

Dedicated, intuitive and user-friendly web interface and mobile application for customers. Contains a collection of all contracts, schedules and personalized offers.


Easy integration with other external systems thanks to the open SOA architecture and the ability to independently extend the functionality by internal teams of the organization.

Modularity and scalability

System architecture that enables easy and flexible expansion and functionalities change.

Online processing

Electronic document circulation, automatic sending of configurable notifications and attachment of documents (e.g. GTAC, ToFaC).

Extended functionality

Possibility of extending the functionality by internal Back Office teams.

Product configuration

Simplified procedure for configuring and editing products.

Full control

Full control over changes carried out in the process (author, scope, time).


Unified interface functionality for Back and Front Office.

Greater sales

Obtained thanks to automatically generated reports with sales results and the ability to track processes at every stage.

Comprehensive solution

SFO is a system that combines many components and dedicated applications to effectively support sales and after-sales processes.

SFO - Your unique version

SFO system can be fully adapted to the individual needs and business processes of your organization.


Offer configurator
Process support
Decision machine
Document generator
Sales network
Functionalities are made available to users in dedicated applications based on pre-defined permissions. The permission policy in SFO includes:
  • Individual actions,
  • User screens,
  • Access to data,
  • Access to processes.

Dedicated applications

Back Office

Web application for employees of the organization

Its functional scope includes both administrative elements (including configuration of offers and sales networks), as well as elements regarding the handling of received applications. The application allows you to view and monitor queues of applications awaiting a credit decision and a queue of contracts awaiting launch. It allows you to compare the credibility of the data provided by customers (e.g. regarding financial liabilities) with data from other external systems. Application views for making a credit decision present all the data collected by the decision maker along with the reasons for issuing a conditional or negative decision.

Web application for sellers and customers applying for financing application

It allows you to prepare a wide variety of financing offers, with the option of comparing variants and printing calculations along with the payment schedule. The application provides the opportunity to complete the financing application using dedicated forms that are relevant to the selected offer, customer specifications, financing sources, etc. Back Office provides automatically generated documents necessary for printing and allows attaching the required documents electronically (they are verified as part of the "checklist" of documents required to be submitted together with the application). The application allows you to submit the application for consideration and to monitor its further course based on changing statuses. After receiving a positive credit decision, SFO system automatically generates personalized documents regarding the launch of the contract and static prints resulting from the nature of the contract being signed.
Customer Portal

Web application for customers

SFO platform has a dedicated application designed for customers. With this application, the customer has access to:

  • All their data,
  • Owned products,
  • List of pending applications,
  • Signed contracts and all documents,
  • Liability amount and duration,
  • Payment schedules,
  • Account numbers that should be affected by financial commitments

In addition, the portal is used for communication between the customer and the seller. It is an application that facilitates and organizes all necessary information and customer documents.


System core
- Softax appCommon
- C/C++
Defining banking products
- JavaScript
- XML Schema
- Swagger OpenAPI
- Softax IAN – Python and C/C++
- Oracle Database
- PostgreSQL
Integration with organization systems
- WebServices
- gRPC
- Files
- Softax Kit
- Swift
- Objective-C
- Softax SDK
- Kotlin
- Java
- JavaScript + React
- Softax Core Components
- RedHat
- CentOS
- Debian
- Private Cloud – OpenShift
- Classic installations
- Docker Images for Kubernetes/OpenShift
- RPM/DEB for RedHat/CentOS and Debian systems
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