Automatic sale
of credit
and leasing products

Meet the platform that supports one of the largest automotive concerns in the world

Sales Front Office is our proprietary system of sales and after-sales service for credit and leasing products for individual clients and business entities. It enables a fully automatic and simplified sales procedure 24/7/365. Documents can be signed fully online thanks to qualified and advanced electronic signatures. SFO will work in many sectors of the economy, regardless of the value of the products offered. Our system has been implemented, among others for Volkswagen Financial Services.

It is only 4 steps

Increase sales and reduce risk with decision-making machines

The decision made by decision-making machines depends on the scoring, credibility and creditworthiness obtained. Scoring and all necessary indicators are fully modifiable by Back Office teams. The platform allows downloading customer data from the organization's internal systems, external resources and sanction lists. All this, together with the application of the rules engine, causes a significant increase in the repayment of loans granted.

Functionality is your choice

Discover the most important SFO functionalities. The system can be fully adapted to the individual needs and business processes of your organization. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Distribution network

Defining and managing the sales network within which business processes will be implemented.

Decision machines

Possibility to issue automatic credit decisions 24/7/365.

Electronic document circulation

Automatic generation of documents based on ready-made templates and their total electronic circulation.

Online contract signing

The use of qualified and advanced electronic signatures allows online document signing.

Result control

Automatically generated reports with sales results and the ability to track processes at every stage.

Offer configurator

The calculations use previously introduced products and parameters relevant to them by the Back Office teams.

Formal path

Full insight into the changes introduced in processes, including their author, scope and editing time.

Process support

Secure data exchange between all components and applications.

Modular Architecture

Modular architecture enabling easy and flexible expansion and implementation of functional changes in the system.


Unified interface functionality for Back Office and Front Office.

Three dedicated applications

Clear and intuitive interfaces will comprehensively improve the work of your organization.

Back Office application

Web application designed for employees of the organization.
Its functional scope includes administrative elements, such as:
  • configuring offers or sales networks,
  • defining products,
  • application handling,
  • contract services,
  • determination of scores and indicators necessary for issuing automatic credit decisions,

Sales Application

Web application designed for sellers and customers who complete a funding application.
Its functional scope includes:
  • preparation of many variants of offers,
  • completing the application,
  • generating documents,
  • forwarding the application for consideration.
After receiving a positive credit decision, the system generates personalized documents regarding the launch of the contract.

Customer panel

Web application intended for customers, used for communication between him and the seller.
Its functional scope includes access to:
  • your data and your products,
  • signed contracts and documents,
  • payment schedules,
  • account numbers that should be affected by commitment appropriations.

Why is Sales Front Office (SFO) the best choice for your organization?

Proven solution
We have experience in providing software that meets current needs and trends in the automatic sale of banking products. Our analysts will honestly help you implement your organization's plans. You will achieve success with us.
Our team of specialists guarantees efficient and trouble-free integration with your organization's current IT infrastructure without costly expansion.
The use of architecture in the SOA model allows complete freedom in the choice of functionality and its extension depending on your needs. By choosing Softax you will get what you need exactly.

Cooperation with Softax has many benefits for you

24/7/365 support
cloud implementation
individual offer
highest security standards
advanced technologies
proprietary solutions
integration with existing infrastructure

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