Mobile banking report

and account balance

Solution overview

To be able to use most of the functions of the mobile banking application, we must log in first. According to our research, the standard methods of logging in is currently the PIN code and biometrics. We will analyze these processes for each bank, compare them and indicate solutions worth popularizing and those better avoided.

In addition, we also checked that each of the analyzed solutions offers a preview of the account state before logging in. We will look at whether this solution is safe and convenient, and where individual banks focus their attention – on accelerating the process of logging in or on actually providing information about the account balance without logging in.

In the study, we considered 8 applications of the largest Polish banks, which covers approx. 14 million users, i.e. about 80-90% of all users of banking mobile applications in Poland.

Summary of survey findings

Access to biometrics
The biggest difference between banks is the ability to log in with biometrics right from the start screen. Some banks allow this, others do not, presumably focusing on making it easier to access pre-login functionality.
There are significant differences in the processes used to manage the login itself and the method of accessing the account balance before logging in.
The implementation of the login process in each of the examined banks is at least correct, we did not detect any serious usability errors, but no application was able to avoid minor or major stumbles.
Account balance
All banks offer a view of the account balance before logging in, although this functionality differs in scope and in the way the data are made available.


Krzysztof Krzos
Business Development and Sales Director
Piotr Martyniuk
Senior Solution Architect
Agnieszka Szopińska
System Analyst
Justyna Radomska
UI Designer & Analyst

Main report

Main report provides an overview on surveyed applications and summarizes our findings.
Main report
11MB, 65 pages

To open the document, you need a compatible PDF viewer.

Individual reports

For each bank, we have prepared several dozen slides with commented screens presenting the analyzed processes.

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